Hokies Watch Party Announcement

Hokies Watch Party Announcement

Hello Denver Hokies!!!

We’ve got BIG NEWS for the 2017 Virginia Tech Football Season. Starting with the opening game against WVU on September 3rd , we will be back at Jackson’s in LoDo! This decision has come after much deliberation and reflection on last year’s watch parties at Sloan’s Lake Tap & Burger. Although both sides considered last year’s relationship largely a success, we have determined that Jackson’s is better suited to accommodate our fluctuating attendance, while providing a seating area that is dedicated to Hokies. This seating area will likely change based on expected attendance and the time of the game, so we will update the Denver Hokies Facebook page (see link below) with the details in the days before every game.

Jackson’s is very excited to have us back and wants to continue to develop the relationship we had as of two seasons ago. They will be providing food and drink specials, as well as donating pitchers of beer to be given away during halftime raffles. Everyone is encouraged to come early, meet their servers, bartenders, and fellow Hokies, and start building relationships that will continue throughout this season and many to come. For those of you who are disappointed to lose Sloan’s T&B as our dedicated watch party venue, don’t fret! They were sad to see us go, too. Although Sloan’s will no longer be our official viewing location, they have offered to dedicate at least a handful of TVs to many the Virginia Tech games. These will include, at minimum, the day games that air before the dinner crowd starts to roll in. There will be no formal setup for these games, but Sloan’s will be a great alternative for anyone who wants to watch with fellow Hokies while avoiding downtown Denver. Again, any pertinent details will be posted on our Facebook page prior to gameday.

We would like to send a huge THANK YOU to both Sloan’s Lake Tap & Burger and Jackson’s LoDo for continuing to work with us through the 2017 season. We are grateful for everything you do for us, and we hope to consistently return the favor. To all the Hokies out there, let’s make this season the best yet!


Denver Hokies Facebook Page

Jackson’s LoDo
1520 20 th St.
Denver, CO 80202

Sloan’s Lake Tap & Burger
1565 Raleigh St.
Denver, CO 80204