Dave McKee Director of the Marching Virginians

Dave McKee Director of the Marching Virginians

Dave McKee, the Director of the Marching Virginians will be in Denver at the end of May. He has graciously agreed to meet with the Denver Hokies, and provide an overview of of what’s going on back in Blacksburg.

Event Details
Date: Saturday, May 30, 2015
Time: 5:00 – 7:00pm
Place: Jacksons LoDo (Middle Room – NO Rockies game that day)
What: Drinks with Dave (the Director of The Marching Virginians)

Dave will buy the appetizers that we can scatter about, or do it buffet style between 5-7. Drinks will be on our own (i.e., Dave isn’t buying them). Dave will likely have 5-10 minutes of talk time where he will update the group on:

  • The overall state of the MV’s
  • An update on the new MV Band Building and dedicated practice field
  • 2015 Schedule
  • Any other updates from campus

He will also spend lots of time talking to folks one on one if they have questions, stories, etc.

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